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Jacket from Crocker Jeans / Shirt from Carlings / Jeans from Weekday / Shoes COS 

So these pictures really turned out great! Well they always do when Madelene is behind the camera! She´s a genius in so many ways. I hope you like them.. and I know that I´ve been really bad at updating the blog with good quality posts, but from now on I´ll really try to update at least once a day. 


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yellow sneakers


I got a new pair of favs, a yellow suede-ish sneaker from converse! Love that I actually went for a much more bolder color considering that I often keep myself in the black, white and grey lane. What do you think? a hit or miss.. 8S0A5984

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Frank & Britney


What does one do when your favorite artist new album leaks online? I guess the right answer should be: Don´t support the leaks and wait for the official release. But I really couldn’t restrain myself from listening. And i´m so happy with this album, it´s really one of her best ones in such a long time. sooo..Yay! 


And on top of ”Glory” leaking Frank Oceans new album dropped!? Which also is amazing. It´s just something about his voice that is so soothing for the soul. Also the lyrics and production are out of this world. A true artist in many ways! 


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Bik Bok by Elsa Ekman


Hey, As you may know I´m working as a photographer and mainly I photograph fashion bloggers and their outfits. But I also take on jobs where I photograph different kind of events and partys etc. Just to collect them coins haha. And today my friend Elsa Ekman had her launch party for her upcoming collection for Bik Bok (which is AMAZING) and I was there photographing pictures of the event. So I guess you could say that I had my first day at work after a long vacation! I´ll show some more pictures as soon as I´m done with the editing..

8S0A7708 8S0A7713 8S0A7940

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Passing Time


Today I decided to take a little trip to the city and check out some clothes but that was easier said then done. Why? Well i had to take shelter from the showers of heavy rain from time to time. You just gotta love Sweden during the summers.


First stop: urban outfitters, you cannot but love the stores interior


Found this really amazing t-shirt gaaaah wish I had the money to buy itIMG_0057

And this people, this is what I´ve been playing all day long: Britney spears-do you wanna come over (listen here

rainyday_3Took a quick look at the weekday store before strolling down to the central station


While waiting for my train I just had to eat and what´s better than Mcdonalds? lol 

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Room details


Är otroligt sugen på att göra om mitt rum lite nu till hösten, få in lite mer färg på båda tavlor och detaljer. Kör ju på väldigt mycket vitt som ni kanske ser. Det svåra är dock att jag har en sån beslutsångest över saker och ting vilket gör att det blir extremt svårt att köpa nytt. Vi får se hur det blir med det helt enkelt

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Biarritz & San Sebastian randoms

8S0A1921 8S0A2373 8S0A2444 8S0A2416 8S0A19248S0A2216

Hej på er!

Här har ni lite bilder ifrån Biarritz och San Sebastian, ska berätta lite mer om den resan i ett annat inlägg, men kan säga nu att den va magisk. Kom hem därifrån för lite mer än en vecka sen, men redan nu sitter jag på flygbussen påväg till skavsta flygplats igen. Ska iväg till Italien tillsammans med Tina, ska bli så mysigt och härligt och ska försöka spela in en liten video därifrån också. Så håll er uppdaterade 🙂

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